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Accommodation In Kish Island

Kish Island intro. Kish Island is one of Iran’s tourist gems.
Without a doubt, the resort island of Kish is the premier tourist destination in the country.

Accommodation In Kish Island
Built on the back of tourism, the island welcomes many thousands of foreign visitors every year.
Surrounded by the tranquil waters of the Persian Gulf, Kish Island out does most destinations in the Middle East.
The hotels in Kish Island are phenomenal.
Kish Island sits about 20kms off the central southern coast of Iran and is fringed by beautiful coral reefs ideal for diving and snorkeling.
Traveling to Kish Island is commonly done by airplan, the island also has its own airport and 1 flight per day from dubai and 2 fly per week from Muscat.
Kish Island hotels are designed with elegance in mind.
There are a number of five star hotels offering reputable facilities and services on Kish Island.
However, with the grand service come grand prices.
Nevertheless, Kish Island is certainly worth visiting for at least a few nights.
To Entrance to Kish Island you don’t need Visa and you can Entrance with stamp in airport.
Boating to the island is no longer a regular practice.

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